The Hidden Knife by Melissa Marr

Published: 1 June 2021 Genres: Children's Literature, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction Available as: Hardcover, E-book, Audiobook Summary: The Hidden Knife opens with Rupert, a gargoyle, making his way into a new world through a door from Netherwhere. He meets a group of children who he decides to accept as his family. These children grow up,... Continue Reading →

Quick Transmigration: Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder by Lán Guì (兰桂)

Chinese Title: 退休反派穿成炮灰女配[快穿] (Tuìxiū Fǎnpài Chuān Chéng Pàohuī Nü Pèi [Kuài Chuān]) Completed: 19 October 2020 Genres: Adult Fiction, Quick Transmigration*, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural * Quick transmigration is a genre where the protagonist travels into the body of a person or character and have to live their life for a period of time.... Continue Reading →

The Sea in Winter by Christine Day

Published: 5 January 2021 Genres: Children's Literature, Young Adult Fiction, Bildungsroman*, Contemporary fiction * Bildungsroman is a coming-of-age story Available as: Audiobook, E-book, Paperback, Hardcover Summary: As an audiobook, The Sea in Winter consists of 43 tracks narrated by Kimberly Woods with a total length of four hours and 25 minutes. The story follows the... Continue Reading →

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