Guide to Raising the Sick Villain by Xiǎohái Ài Chī Táng (小孩爱吃糖)

Chinese Title: 病弱反派饲养指南 (Bìngruò Fǎnpài Sìyǎng Zhǐnán) Completed: 6 December 2019 Genres: Romance, Drama, Josei*, Young Adult Fiction * Josei is a genre with a target audience of young adult females with a less idealized romance Available as: Webnovel Summary: Guide to Raising the Sick Villain is about a girl named Qiao Lan who transmigrates... Continue Reading →

Quick Transmigration: Game Loading by Xuě Yāo Jing (雪妖精01)

Chinese Title: 快穿游戏加载中 (Kuài Chuān Yóuxì Jiāzài Zhōng) Update: Daily at ~6 pm Genres: Quick Transmigration*, Romance, Science Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural * Quick transmigration is a genre where the protagonist travels into the body of a person or character and have to live their life for a period of time. Usually, books... Continue Reading →

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