Digital Materials/Resources and Emerging Technologies: Engage in a Discussion Forum Thread


In one or two paragraphs, recommend a blog on school libraries/books/libraries/publishing. Be sure to include:

  • the URL
  • name of the blog
  • the blog’s focus
  • why you think this blog is relevant for school technicians to follow

My Post:

One blog that I follow is the 100 Scope Notes: Children’s Literature News and Reviews:  My favourite series of blog posts are the Endangered Series written by Travis Jonker. This blog focuses on children’s literature in creative ways such as guessing books by their descriptions, Lego book covers, and themed book list suggestions. This blog is relevant for school library technicians to follow because it offers reviews, new book options that library technicians can consider purchasing, and provides guidance on weeding series that are becoming less popular.


Jonker, T. (n.d.). 100 scope notes: Children’s literature news and reviews. School Library Journal.

My Reflection on This Activity

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